Livescribe Sky wifi smartpen will not record audio.


Livescribe Sky wifi smartpen is not recording audio.


The Livescribe pen uses graphic images on a Livescribe notebook as control buttons but all graphic buttons except the record function are working. This may require a firmware update.


1. Plug in your Livescribe wifi pen using the USB cable.

2. Run Livescribe Helper (or install it from

For Windows 8 type “helper” from the Start screen, select Apps, and select “Livescribe Helper”.

For Win 7/Vista/XP access “Start > All Programs > Livescribe > Livescribe Helper”.

3. Click on the link below to download the updated firmware and save the file to your desktop.

4. Drag the file from your desktop onto the Livescribe Helper window and drop the file.

5. A message “Installing the update.  Please wait…” will appear in the window.  Allow up to 10 minutes for the update to complete.

Once complete disconnect the Livescribe pen, it should now record audio.

If it still does not work then contact the retailer.

If an error appears during the update try disconnecting and reconnecting your smartpen and repeat the drag and drop process above.

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