20 Windows 8 and 8.1 shortcuts

Shortcut Keys

  1. [Windows] + C- This opens the “Charm” Menu, (much easier then moving your mouse to some position near the edge of your screen.
  2. [Windows] + D- Instantly hide or unhide all windows on the desktop.
  3. [Windows] + E- Open up an explorer window (same as clicking “This PC” or “Computer” on your desktop).
  4. [Windows] + F- Opens up the Start screen with the search field in focus and ready to type. Alternatively you can just press the [Windows] key and start typing.
  5. [Windows] + H- Opens up the “Share” Charm menu.
  6. [Windows] + I- Opens up the “Settings” Charm menu.
  7. [Windows] + K- Opens up the “Devices” Charm menu.
  8. [Windows] + L- Instantly locks your computer and takes you to the login screen whilst keeping you logged in.
  9. [Windows] + M- Instantly minimizes all windows. This is almost the same as “[Windows]+D” except it actually minimises the windows not just hides them.
  10. [Windows] + [Shift] +M- Instantly maximises all minimized  windows.
  11. [Windows] + P- Opens the “Project” Charm Menu This allows you to change how your second screen is used.
  12. [Windows] + Q- Opens start menu to all apps and sets the focus to the search charm.
  13. [Windows] + R- Opens the “Run” command Dialogue window
  14. [Windows] + T- Navigates through the icons on the task-bar. Either click or press the enter key to launch.
  15. [Windows] + U- Opens the “Ease of Access Centre”.
  16. [Windows] + V-  Navigates through any notifications you currently have.
  17. [Windows] + [Shift] + V-  Navigates through any notifications you currently have In reverse order.
  18. [Windows] + W- Opens the Start screen with a search field to search the “Settings”.
  19. [Windows] + X- Opens the “Power User” menu.
  20. [Windows] + [Print Screen]- Takes a screen shot (a picture of your screen) and saves it directly to your Pictures folder.

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