Going passwordless in Windows 10

With the advent of the 2004 Windows update Microsoft have been focused on making thins easier for end users whilst also trying to make sure that security of computers is still as high as possible.

To make things easier they have gone for the option to make windows passwordless where possible. This includes using methods such as Bio metrics (Facial Recognition, fingerprint (both reliant on hardware attached or built into the device) and pin.

To find out more follow the below instruction.

  • Click “start” (Windows Button)
  • Click “Settings” (The gear icon)
  • Click “Accounts”
  • On the left click “Sign in Options”

Options you will find here include:

  • “Windows Hello Face” which is facial recognition.
  • “Windows Hello Fingerprint” which is fingerprint recognition.
  • “Windows Hello Pin” this is a pin that is linked to your password and you create.
  • “Security Key” This one is a hardware key that stores your user credentials. this can be highly secure and some company also use this to create a secure connection to a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • “Password” The good old and traditional windows password we are all familiar with.
  • Finally you can use “Picture password” and this can be your favourite image as your password.

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