Keyboard not typing.

Issue: Keyboard not typing after updating drivers through manufacturer support application.

Cause: The likely cause is that the manufacturer has included an update that updates the keyboard driver. when you look in the Device manger it shows a keyboard with an exclamation mark and the name of the manufacturer.

1. Right click the device in Device manager
2. Click “Uninstall Device”
3. Check the box that states “Delete Device Driver Software”
4. Right click any device and click “Scan for new hardware”

The device will add as a default “PS2 Keyboard”. This is the generic windows driver for a 102 key keyboard. This is also how windows controls the device correctly. Some manufacturers will submit a new device driver to Microsoft who will then incorporate this into the default driver.

Windows may reject some keyboard drivers and controllers so using the PS2 driver is usually the best way to go.

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