Keyboard not working – Windows 10

Problem: Keyboard working fine. After restarting and updating your machine the keyboard no longer functions on your Device. Cause:Keyboard driver is not the default windows PS2 driver. This can sometime result from a windows or manufacturer update. Solution: Right click “PC” Click “Manage” Click “Device Manager” Click the arrow next to “Keyboard” You may see… Continue reading Keyboard not working – Windows 10

Keyboard not typing.

Issue: Keyboard not typing after updating drivers through manufacturer support application. Cause: The likely cause is that the manufacturer has included an update that updates the keyboard driver. when you look in the Device manger it shows a keyboard with an exclamation mark and the name of the manufacturer. Solution: 1. Right click the device… Continue reading Keyboard not typing.

Keyboard may be inputting incorrect characters (Windows 10)

Problem:When typing, your keyboard may be inputting the wrong characters. Cause: This is likely to be related to the keyboard layout being on a default option as opposed to a region setting. Solution: Click “Start” Click “Settings” Click “Devices” Click “Typing” Under the heading “More keyboard settings” click “Advanced Keyboard Settings” Under the heading “Override… Continue reading Keyboard may be inputting incorrect characters (Windows 10)

Keyboard missing keys when typing on Toshiba laptop

This issue was found on the Toshiba C660-155 range of laptops. Problem When typing using the built in keyboard several keys are missed at random. Cause Faulty BIOS software. Solution Warning: Please be aware that by downloading this BIOS package you agree that in the event of a BIOS flash failure, you must take full… Continue reading Keyboard missing keys when typing on Toshiba laptop

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard won’t pair with iMac

Problem The keyboard light is constantly blinking and when searching for the bluetooth keyboard it says that it was unable to be found. Solution Replace the batteries in the keyboard as they may be poor quality or have low power.