Unable to Change Background on Mac

Problem On your Mac, nothing happens when you change your Desktop wallpaper. Cause The preference that manages this setting has become corrupt. Solution Go to your User Library folder. Open the Preferences folder. Delete the file “com.apple.desktop.plist”. Logout and log back in. You should now be able to change your background again.

Show Hard Drives on Mac Desktop

In the Dock, click the Finder icon (smiley face). Click Finder (in the top left of the screen). Click Preferences. Click the General tab if it isn’t already selected. Check the “Hard disks” option and any others that you wish to see appear.

Recycle Bin missing on Desktop

This article applies to Windows Vista but may also apply to newer versions of Windows. Problem The Recycle bin is missing from the Desktop. Solution To restore the Recycle Bin icon: Right click on the Desktop and click Personalize. On the left, click Change desktop icons. If the Recycle Bin checkbox is unchecked, then check… Continue reading Recycle Bin missing on Desktop