Flash Videos showing as a black box in Firefox

Problem When viewing Flash videos on Youtube or other sites within Firefox, the video will either come up as a black box with no sound or just play the sound, this issue can be present on some videos and not others. Cause The Flash plug-in for Firefox has become corrupt. Solution Try and disable the… Continue reading Flash Videos showing as a black box in Firefox

Reinstall Flash Player for Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, type chrome://plugins into the address bar and press Enter. Find “Flash” in the list and click the Disable link underneath it. Go to the following link: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Uncheck any checkboxes to install additional software. Click the “Download now” button. A file should download. Run it and follow the prompts to install Flash Player.

Troubleshooting Flash Player

Try the following to help with problems viewing Flash Player content: Download and install the latest version of Flash Player. Disable hardware acceleration. Disable Aero in Windows. Update your graphics card.

Disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player

When a video is playing, right click on it and click “Settings…” Uncheck the “Enable hardware acceleration” checkbox. (If you don’t see it, click the first tab at the bottom of the settings window.) Click the Close button.