Retrieving photos from iPhoto

Problem When you open iPhoto, one of the following happens: No pictures are showing up Photo icons are blank iPhoto cannot read your Photo Library. Also, you don’t have the originals on your computer or a copy available. Cause You possibly have a corrupted or inaccessible iPhoto library. Solution Locate your iPhoto library.  Normally this… Continue reading Retrieving photos from iPhoto

How to reinstall iPhoto, iMovie and other software

To reinstall applications that came with your Mac: Insert the Applications Install Disc that came with your Mac. Once it appears, double click on Install Bundled Software. Follow the instructions and click the Customize button when you see it. Click the triangle next to Bundled Applications to expand it. Check the applications you want to… Continue reading How to reinstall iPhoto, iMovie and other software

iPhoto opens automatically when connecting a device

Problem When connecting certain devices like a digital camera or iPhone, iPhoto will open up automatically. Solution Open iPhoto. In the top left of the screen (next to the apple), click iPhoto, then click Preferences. In the Preferences window, the last option is ‘Connecting camera opens:’ Set the dropdown option to ‘No application’.