How to manually Backup with Time Machine

Ctrl + Click or Right click on the Time Machine icon in your dock. Click Back Up Now. If you do not have Time Machine on your dock then go to your Applications folder and drag the Time Machine application on to the dock with the mouse.

Time Machine suggests to run Disk Utility

Problem When making a backup, Time Machine displays an error and may suggest that you run Disk Utility. Solution Download and install the Time Machine Buddy dashboard widget. Whenever you get an error, go to your dashboard for a detailed error log which can help you troubleshoot the problem.

Time Machine freezes when Intego VirusBarrier is installed

Problem Whilst Intego VirusBarrier is installed, using the Time Machine application causes it to freeze. Solution Open Intego VirusBarrier. In the top left of the screen (next to the apple) click Intego VirusBarrier, then Preferences. If Preferences is greyed out then click ‘Check Now’ in the top right of the program and download all updates.… Continue reading Time Machine freezes when Intego VirusBarrier is installed