I have software to setup but no DVD or CD drive.

Problem: The Device you have has no DVD drive but you have a CD / DVD for your Software. Cause: A lot of developers are moving to a digital download over a physical media as we progress into an ever increasing digital age. A fair few manufacturers may produce systems without a DVD or CD… Continue reading I have software to setup but no DVD or CD drive.

A disk read error occured

Problem When you start your computer you get the following error: “A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.” Solution Try the following: Run a Disk Repair using a Recovery Disc. Fix the Master Boot Record (MBR). If this doesn’t work then your hard drive may need replacing.

Time Machine suggests to run Disk Utility

Problem When making a backup, Time Machine displays an error and may suggest that you run Disk Utility. Solution Download and install the Time Machine Buddy dashboard widget. Whenever you get an error, go to your dashboard for a detailed error log which can help you troubleshoot the problem.