Adobe Reader Runtime Error

Problem When you open Adobe Reader or a PDF you get the following error message: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more Information.” This may also be followed by another message: “Adobe Reader has stopped working” Solution Set the… Continue reading Adobe Reader Runtime Error

PDF files making Internet Explorer crash

Problem On some or all sites, when loading a PDF, Internet Explorer will become unresponsive. Solution Close all Internet Explorer windows. Open Adobe Reader. At the top go to: Edit -> Preferences. On the left, click Internet. Uncheck the “Display PDF browser” checkbox. Click OK.

Pages cannot be read in multi-page view modes.

Problem When opening PDF files, the view mode will be set to single pages before speech starts. The message “Pages cannot be read in multi-page view modes.” appears when using PDFaloud and even if you check the option that says ‘Do not show this message again’, it will only close after a number of clicks and always… Continue reading Pages cannot be read in multi-page view modes.