Permissions showing “Fetching…” on Mac OS X

Problem When you view a certain file or folder’s permissions, one of the listed names is “Fetching…”. The name does not change and may be appear in place of where you are expecting your username to be. Solution Try the following: Reset home folder permissions Reset disk permissionsĀ 

Repair Disk Permissions

This can be used to help with programs crashing or to fix some errors in applications: Go to the Applications folder. Go to the Utilities folder. Open Disk Utility. Click on your main hard drive, then click Repair Disk Permissions.

Files have a padlock icon on them in Windows 7

Problem You may experience that your files have a padlock icon although they still open without error. Solution To remove the lock icon: Go to C:\Users (Assuming Windows is installed on your C: drive) Right click on the folder with your username and click Properties. Click the Security tab. Click Edit. Click Add. In the… Continue reading Files have a padlock icon on them in Windows 7