How to Power Cycle a computer that won’t turn on

Problem Your computer will not turn on. There may be no sounds, lights or fan activity when you press the power button. Solution Select your type of computer below: I am using a Desktop running Windows Turn the switch off the back of the back of the Desktop. Turn the switch off where the computer… Continue reading How to Power Cycle a computer that won’t turn on

How to Enable or Disable Hibernate

Open a Command Prompt as an Administrator. To enable hibernate, type powercfg /hibernate on and press Enter. To disable hibernate, type powercfg /hibernate off and press Enter. If hibernate is now enabled, you can also set it in the Power Options in the Control Panel.

Password required after inactivity

Problem When your computer is left idle you have to log on and enter your password again in order to come back to it. Solution Make sure to choose your operating system below for the correct instructions. Windows Vista, 7 or Newer Click the Start button. Type powercfg.cpl and press Enter. On the left hand… Continue reading Password required after inactivity