Security preferences won’t save on Mac OS X

Problem You make changes to the Security settings in System Preferences but when you go back to them, you see that the changes were not saved. Cause There may be a permission error in your user directory. Solution Reset the home folder permissions.

Save Documents with Revision Numbers in Word

This is a macro for Microsoft Word to save documents with incremented revision numbers in order to prevent loss of work and to easily revert changes. When saving this will save the document with the original filename. Everytime it is saved using this macro it will append the revision number to the filename. For Example:… Continue reading Save Documents with Revision Numbers in Word

Remove Norton products

To completely remove your Norton product, download and run the file that applies to you. Remove Norton 360: Remove any of the following programs: Norton Antivirus Norton Internet Security Norton Business Suite Norton Security Suite Norton Systemworks Norton Ghost Norton Save & Restore