Canon Printer Error Codes

Here are a list of error codes that you may come across on a Canon printer.
If a part is faulty and you are unable to repair yourself, then contact the provider or local service centre.

Error B200
View information.

Error 306
View solution.

Error 5011
Get the printer repaired by the provider or manufacturer.

Error 5100
An error occurred in the carriage encoder signal.

Error 5200
The print head is overheating.
Turn the printer off to allow it to cool down and turn it on again but seek repair if the problem persists.

Error 5400
The internal temperature is not what it should be.

Error 5700
The sheet feeder needs to be replaced. It can be that the gears in the printer and/or sensor have become faulty.

Error 6000
An error occurred in the LF encoder signal.
Can be the result of a deep paper jam with pins, paper or other miscellaneous objects stuck in there.

Error 6A00
The cartridge mechanisim is jammed.

Error 6A80
View solution.

Error 6C10
Reset the ink absorber.

Here is a list of Canon printers with links to the error codes you may come across:

Please also see Canon Printer Error CodesCanon Printer Error 306Canon Printer Error 5100Canon Printer Error 6C10Canon Printer Error 6A80B200 Printer error has occurred. Unplug the power cord and contact the service center & Canon Printer Error 5011


  1. We use a Canon Image Runner 3235.

    I have an apple laptop: Mac OS X 10.6.8

    I finally have the printer responding to my laptop but I get an error -50.

    Any advice on how to fix this?

  2. Carl..good infos. u provide..I got a problem with a Canon i470d.. What does 4 consecutive blinking lights mean? Also, got a !804 display in the LCD…Thnx.

  3. I have a Canon S 400 Printer and I had to reset the code’s after I cleaned out the waste ink absorber. I tryed what you said to do about 4 times and I seemed to work. This printer is 11 years old but it still prints perfect. Thank you.

  4. My canon ip4600 just showed an error 5200 – printer header overheating – this happens immediately from when it is switched on – is this an error than can be sorted aout by me or does it need repair? Thanks :))

  5. I was printing when all of a sudden the Error message came up:

    “Printer error. Turn off printer and then turn on. Refer to manual if this doesn’t fix the problem.” The yellow flasher on the right hand side of the machine was flashing.

    What do I do now. I have unplug the power source and let it sit for an hour. I have turn the printer off and then on many times. Problem not resolved.

    1. There should be an error number displayed – either on the printer itself or on your computer. If you can get the error number then that will help identify the problem.

  6. In canon imageRunner advanced c5035 printer have E602-4000 error code in display what is the problem and what is the solution

  7. Please help
    I got this problem with my printer. It says error and the code is E000804-0004
    the printer is Canon iRC2620N

  8. hey guys. i have a problem on canon inkjet mx850 printer. there’s an always error like this:

    Error Code:
    Error 6A00

    please help me guys how to fix it. i already looked ans fix the cartridge but nothing happens.

    1. This seems to be a deep paper jam. use a torch to get a better view of the inside of the printer and remove any blockage. if you are unable to find a blockage please contact a cannon service center.

  9. Error 5400
    The internal temperature is not what it should be.

    What the heck I do about that????

  10. I have an mg6150 which was working fine. All of a sudden it came up with the error ‘printer not recognised’. Does anyone know why this may be?

    1. Hi Tanya,

      Please make sure the printer is properly connected to your machine via the cable. And that the drivers are installed for it.

  11. I have a Cannon MG 3122 I can scan and print with it all at once but when I use just the “scan” button I get a Error code… seems to be E 31… Any solutions? Thanks

  12. I have been using a Canon PIXMA MX893 Multifunction printer on a local (FIOS) WiFi network under Mac OSX 10.6.8. The printer is suddenly unresponsive and shows an 6901 Error on power up. What does 6901 indicate and what are my options? Thanx

  13. I have removed all the paper, but the flashing light & P 0 2 want leave. Will i really have to see a service man to clear this? I have turned it off & unpluged it several times. Thanks for ur help.

  14. I am operating with an OSX version 10.9 and I keep getting an Canon UFR 11 error code: 16013. Any advice?

  15. I have PIXMA MG3100 and i did not put ink yet. i just want to use scanner. but it did not work with E05. What is problem?

  16. My printer says check ink 0075…i have changed the cartridge but cannot get to print. Does 0075 mean something else?

  17. Dear Friends,

    I cleaned and spent hours turning on and off my Canon MX432 printer. I had just replaced the old black ink with new ink but still had some color ink left.
    Here is the truth. . if you replace the black you must replace the color!
    What a rip off!
    Clever though very clever. So if you just replaced your cartridge and thought you could get by with just buying the black and not the whole new color think again . . and fork out the total of approx 56.00 to replace both.
    Then your B200 error message on the Canon MX432 will disappear.

  18. I have a Canon MX 526.When I copy it prints immediately,but when I print using wirless it takes about 3 minutes before it prints.If I print from my I pad it prints immediately.Why does it take so long to print from windows

  19. my printer pixma mp287 has a error code of e08 , what should i do , i almost try the procedure on how to fix but i was failed

  20. I have a Canon Image Runner Advance C5240i printer, recently, there was electricity problem and when it was resolved, an error message was displayed on the screen with error code E000003-0002. I don’t know how to go about this. Please advice.

    1. Hello Joa, Sorry for such a late reply. Unfortunately the error 5B00 will require repair by a Canon engineer.

  21. I’ve installed a new generic ink tank (PGI-650BK) which is compatible for use in my MG5460 printer but I’m getting an error code 1413 which tells me the ink tank is not compatible. the packaging confirms the tank is for use in MG5460. Can anyone assist with this?

    1. Hello Eric,
      I cannot recommend the use of “Generic ink tanks” as the manufactures of these very rarely get the pigments correct which causes damage to the print head if they even work at all!
      I realise that “Branded” inks are more expensive but they are designed to work with the print head of their respective printer.
      Also manufacturers are unlikely to honour any warranty where “Generic inks” have been in use.
      I advise returning the “Generic ink” as faulty.
      Hope this helps.

  22. I have an iMac my Canon MF8200Cw series…I’ve been trying to scan thru network (remote scanner) first it gave me an error 2100010 and I think I fixed that so now it’s giving me an error 2100011 for my scanner Need help please!!!

  23. I have install it after reading your post by following step wise step information. but it does not work. why this problem is happening?

  24. I have a Cannon MP600 and after clearing a paper jam I still get the Paper jam message. I have looked carefully for bits of stuck paper but there are none. Pls help if you can.

  25. Thank you so much for the quick answer to what was wrong with my Canon printer, less five mins it was ready to go again , after spending a hour on the Canon web site.for nothing .

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