No lights on OpticBook 3600

Problem When your OpticBook 3600 scanner is plugged in and connected, there are no lights lit on the hardware. Cause This is likely a problem with the scanner’s power supply. Solution Contact the provider of the scanner for a replacement power supply.

"Cannot find BookTWAIN" with OpticBook 3600

Problem When scanning with an Opticbook 3600 using ReadIris on a Mac, you get an error stating that it cannot find the BookTWAIN device. Cause This can be caused by a bad driver or installation. Solution Turn off the scanner. Delete these folders: /Library/Application Support/Plustek /Applications/Plustek Delete ths folder: /Library/Image Capture/TWAIN Data Sources/BookTWAIN.ds Delete all… Continue reading "Cannot find BookTWAIN" with OpticBook 3600

OpticBook 3600 not recognised on Mac

Problem The Plustek OpticBook 3600 will not be recognised on Mac OS X. Solution Download and Install our Mac compatible driver for the OpticBook 3600. It is recommended to use a third party scanning tool such as ReadIris. It will not be recognised in Image Capture.