Set a Password for Outlook

You can set a password for your personal data files in Outlook so that when the program opens and tries to load up your email, a password will be asked for.

  1. Open the Account Settings window:
    • Office 2010:
      1. Click File (in the top left).
      2. Click the Account Settings button.
      3. In the dropdown that appears click Account Settings.
    • Office 2007:
      1. Click File (in the top left).
      2. Click Data File Management.
  2. Click the Data Files tab.
  3. Click on the account that you want to set a password for.
  4. Click the Settings button above.
  5. Click “Change Password…”.
  6. Enter a new password twice and press OK. You can leave the Old password field blank if you have not set one before.
  7. Do not check the “Save this password in your password list” or “Remember password” checkbox if you want to enter the password each time you start Outlook. If you do check it, then you will not need to enter the password.
  8. Click OK to close the window.
  9. Click Close (bottom right) to close the Account Settings window.


  1. Fantastic … well done
    The most surprising thing is that the password revealed could never, ever have been set by me in the first place…. and nobody else has access to my PC, so how on earth it happened is a complete mystery.. Anyway your solution certainly worked … but with the second password and not the first.

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