Can’t get past the Office 2011 ‘What’s New’ screen


When you open an Office 2011 for Mac application, you get a screen appear saying What’s New and new features in the program. You are unable to see a button in order to close or get past the screen. There is no X to close the window and you are unable to Quit the application.


There is a Close button that you need to press in order to advance past this screen but due to the size of the window and your screen resolution, it may be covered by the dock or below it.


  1. Click somewhere on the What’s New window to make it the active window.
  2. Press Enter. This will give the same result as clicking on the hidden Close button.


  1. yep pressing ‘Return’ is all it took. Then there is a way in Word and Powerpoint to turn off the Intro screen in ‘Preferences’

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