Claro Read won’t read from the cursor in Microsoft Word


When you place the cursor in Word and press play Claro will not read the live text and instead reverts to reading whatever was previously on the clipboard.


This issue is to do with the two programs operating on different permissions levels and/or may relate to problems with the Microsoft Office Word installation, which may need repairing.


Firstly repair the installation of Microsoft Word to ensure there are no issues here.
Follow these steps:

1. Hold down the “Windows” logo key and press “R”.

2. Now type “control” in the box and press “enter”.  This will take you to “Adjust your computer’s settings”.

3. Now choose Programs>Programs & Features. Find and highlight Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word in the list and choose “change”  and then press “repair”.

4. If there is a choice between “quick repair” and “online repair” then choose “quick repair”. This should be sufficient in most cases.

If having finished the whole process detailed here the issues persist then repeat all steps with a more complete repair. you will need your product activation key for this.

On advice from Claro, in order to run smoothly, both Claro & Microsoft Word should run in normal user mode (not administrator) and NOT in compatibility mode.

5. To change these settings, right-click on the program icon and go to the “Compatibility” tab.

6. Untick the “Run in compatibility mode” box and also untick the “Run as administrator” box.

7. Apply these settings and close the window. Now start both programs with their respective icons.

It should now work correctly. If not contact your technical support or Claro support:

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